Coralie: My message of thanks

Coralie Murfitt: My Thank You

We are proud that so many of our professionals see Rodericks as more than just a business or an employer. The individuals in our management, practice and operations teams are truly a credit to the group and they have shown time and again that they think of their colleagues like family.

As such, we would like to share (with permission) the below message from Coralie Murfitt, a highly valued member of our team who really appreciates the amazing support from colleagues and friends she has received during an impossibly difficult time.

Coralie Murfitt

A year and a half ago I was reunited with a man that I had a huge crush on for a number of years when I was in my early teenage years. We lost touch of course and life continued, then out of nowhere he randomly messaged me on Facebook 25 years later and we fell madly in love and moved in together.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a fairy tale. He had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer a year and half before and the doctors predicted he wouldn’t survive past a year. Four weeks after we set up home, he became severely ill and was back and forth to hospital and wheelchair bound. The cancer had spread to his lung, hip, back and brain.

I, working full time in a senior position, had to tell my Operations Manager that I couldn’t come to work as I was needed to be his carer. I was so worried about letting my company and my team down, but I had to be by his side and care for him. My god did they step up. They reassured me and informed me to take the time I needed and would take care of my team and my responsibilities in the meantime. Succession planning is key as you never know what tomorrow holds. My amazing colleague, Diane Gotheridge, stepped in and did the most amazing job of taking over and caring for my team.

In January this year, after 3 months off work, I was able to return. My partner was able to walk again and needed less care. My work supported and continued to be by my side. They saw when I needed more responsibilities over the months that passed, but despite being in fear of disappointing them, I put on my brave coat and accepted the position they offered me to become the Area Manager of the biggest area in the company in March…and it was just what I needed.

Work has got me through more than anyone will know; the support Center, the Practice managers, Dawn Farrell (Chief Operating Officer). I gained an amazing new area and developed and mentored them. They make me proud everyday.

Unfortunately, my partner has deteriorated in recent months and his cancer has continued to spread. It’s been so hard and so heart wrenching. All at the same time, my son has severe mental health and has not been able to attend school since May. Again, my wonderful company have supported me through thick and thin and have been so flexible and supportive whilst I care for my son. In the last week, we have been told my partners’ cancer has spread rapidly and again I have had to be by his side in hospital. My heart is broken. I went to work on Monday, and lucky for me my anchor was there, Richard Smith (Chairman of Rodericks), who put his precious time aside again to talk to me while I broke down, followed by Dawn Farrell, who has been my rock. This isn’t just a job….this is family who continue to support, have empathy and be there when you are broken and offer you everything you need.

I managed to go to the PM conference on Wednesday for a few hours before going back to hospital, and the love, text and emails I received from my team (Area 4), the other Area Managers, the ASMs, Jenna Hartley, Gina Linton, Tracey Rodgers, Rob Brookes, Ashley Lillyman and Shalin Mehra was overwhelming. It’s not a company it’s family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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