Adding value and choice for patients

Adding value and choice for patients

Part of our ethos at Rodericks is to improve access to quality care for more patients. This is the main driving force behind the growth of the business, as we continue adding practices to the portfolio across the country.

As such, we are delighted to have almost reached the 100-practice milestone with the addition of four new practices in recent months:

  • Hall & Smith Dental Practice in Cumbria, joined November 2019.
  • Sheil Road Dental Practice in Liverpool, joined October 2019.
  • Harlestone Road Dental Practice in Northampton, joined August 2019.
  • Ellesmere Port Dental Practice in Ellesmere Port, joined August 2019.
  • Denticheck group across England and Wales, joined June 2019.
  • Revive Group in Manchester, joined April 2019.
  • St Georges Dental Practice in Chorley, joined February 2019.
  • Cavendish Dental in Chesterfield, joined January 2019.

Working with the right practices

Faye Gibson, Head of Acquisitions and Integration, discusses how we ensure we work with the right practices for our group:

“We often focus on key areas of the country at any given time. This allows us to expand our provision of excellent patient care in new regions. We aim to work with practices that reflect our clinically-led philosophy. It’s important to us that the new teams share our passion for patient care and regulatory compliance, and that they’re willing to work with us to grow and improve on what they are already doing for their local communities.

“The clinical backgrounds of many members of the acquisitions and integration team ensure that we do this in the right way. Many of us have worked in practices ourselves or have several years of experience in dentistry. We therefore understand the challenges faced on the ground and can work with colleagues to overcome the hurdles in an effective way.

“As such, we are able to support new practices throughout their entire journey when joining Rodericks. From the initial offer right through to integration within the group, we are there to provide support to the seller(s) and practice team(s). We help to make this process as seamless as possible, whilst maintaining the highest standards throughout the transition period.”

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, we can expect much of the same focus on quality and clinically-led growth.

“In the last year, we’ve welcomed a broad range of different types of practices,” adds Faye. “These have included mini groups and independent practices, including those that are predominantly private and others that are predominantly NHS – all offering a wide range of specialisms. This will continue into 2020, as we concentrate on adding the right kind of practices. Our growth will continue to be about adding value and choice for our patients across the UK.”


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