Proud to make a difference

Committed to giving something back and supporting both the profession and the community in any way it can, Rodericks Dental is proud to have worked with Bridge2Aid for several years now.

It was the first dental group to adopt the scheme set-up between Bridge2Aid and Lloyds Bank, whereby a particular handset is used in each practice and a percentage of every patient payment is donated to the very deserving charity. In this way, Rodericks was able to donate an amazing £6,240 throughout 2018, for which Bridge2Aid was very grateful.

Shaenna Loughnane, Chief Executive of Bridge2Aid, said:

“Each individual donation may only be a couple of pence at a time, but when all Rodericks’ practices are doing it for every patient, it definitely adds up!

“For us, the regular donation is fantastic because we know that money is coming in at certain intervals throughout the year. This helps us to plan our programmes more effectively and budget for the year, whereas this can be very difficult when you’re relying solely on ad hoc donations.”

As you will likely know, Bridge2Aid provides emergency dental care for rural communities in developing countries. It also ensures sustainability of its programmes by training local clinical officers to continue delivering essential dental care to their communities after the Bridge2Aid teams and volunteers have left. In this way, they are empowering vulnerable communities to better look after their own health and wellbeing.

“The £6,240 would have paid for the training of two clinical officers,” continues Shaenna. “This means that as a direct result of Rodericks’ donations, approximately 30,000 more people received dental care last year, which is amazing.

“Some practices within the group have also started fundraising, providing additional donations to support our various programmes. We’d be delighted if anyone else wished to get involved with our campaigns – perhaps with our Super Bash superhero day on Friday 18th October. We would be really happy to come and visit practices to talk about what we do, what they can do and where the money goes.”

Shalin Mehra, Chief Executive Officer of Rodericks Dental, commented:

“The work that Bridge2Aid does is invaluable for the communities it supports and the individuals it trains. It is a charity that Rodericks has long supported and we are very proud to have contributed to the training of two clinical officers in 2018. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Bridge2Aid and hope to donate even more for 2019!”

For more information on what Bridge2Aid does or how you can get involved, visit

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