Supporting the next generation – getting into FD training

Supporting the next generation – getting into FD training

For dentists interested in mentoring the next generation of professionals, FD training can offer a challenging yet rewarding career move. Felicity Harland, Dentist and Educational Supervisor at Aldershot Dental Practice, shares her journey into FD training.

“During my own FD year, I realised that being an Educational Supervisor was something I would like to do in the future,” she says. “I think it was the thought of helping someone in the early stages of their career, watching their confidence grow and seeing them develop that just seemed like a really rewarding job. A few years down the line an opportunity arose for me to become a joint Educational Supervisor. This seemed the right time for a step in my own career pathway.”

Preparing for the next step

“In the early stages we attended courses at Rodericks’ Head Office to help prepare us for the interview process. We also had a practice visit from the deanery to ensure the practice was suitable to be a training practice. In preparation for the interview, we had to ensure we were up-to-date on policies and current issues within dentistry. We shared scenario-based questions and discussions on the day-to-day running of the practice.

“There was a lot to do with regards to paperwork, interviews and courses we had to attend, but we were supported throughout the whole process by Rodericks. Without that, I imagine it would be a very daunting process, but actually everything went smoothly.”

Time management is key

Talking about her role as an Educational Supervisor, Felicity comments:

“Time management is a massive challenge when juggling your own patients, UDA targets and looking after your FD. However, there are so many rewarding aspects of the job. For example, helping my FD improve their skills and become confident in areas they previously found difficult gives you a real buzz.”

Try something new with FD training

Working as an Educational Supervisor provides an opportunity to shape the minds and careers of the next generation. It’s as much about providing support and reassurance as it is about teaching new skills. As such, the role also has a huge influence over an FD’s experience during their training year.

If you’re thinking about moving into FD training and sharing your skills with the next generation of dentists, Felicity offers some advice:

“Just go for it! It’s hard at times and can be time-consuming, but it is absolutely worth it. Knowing you’ve played a part in helping your FD go from a newly qualified dentist to a competent and confident associate is amazing.”


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