Tooth whitening – I do!

Tooth whitening for weddings

The demand for tooth whitening often spikes in summer. This is not surprising given that summer and early autumn are the most popular times of year to get married.[i]

Weddings and dentistry

Well, most people are keen to look their best for the big day. In today’s appearance-driven world, this includes ensuring that their smiles are on point. As such, aesthetic dental procedures are in high demand in the lead up to a wedding. It’s therefore important for dental practices to make the most of the opportunities.

Tooth whitening has become very popular in the UK. It provides a safe and non-invasive way to enhance the colour of the teeth. A good smile is often seen as an attractive feature, which can in turn give individuals greater confidence. For this reason, tooth whitening has become a common part of wedding preparations, just like getting your hair done or buying a new outfit.

Not all whitening is equal

Unfortunately, not all tooth whitening treatments were made equal. You will likely have seen the national media headlines highlighting the dangers of some whitening products. These focus on products bought over-the-counter or via the internet. Stories talk a lot about severe sensitivity caused by products with potentially dangerous ingredients. It’s therefore important that patients understand the benefits of tooth whitening with a dentist.

Get the right message out

Consequently, now is a good time for practices to market professional tooth whitening. This might involve displaying posters, creating social media campaigns or sending promotional emails. It’s important to appeal to patients’ emotions and showing how you could help them feel their best for the big event. Using before and after photos is also a great idea (with appropriate consent, of course). And don’t forget, it’s not just brides and grooms-to-be who will be interested. Mother of the Bride, Father of the Groom, bridesmaids and best men may also be looking for that extra sparkle.

As summer rolls in, be sure to make the most of wedding season by marketing your tooth whitening procedures. Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves on their wedding day. You can help them achieve it.

Fun fact about weddings…

Did you know that the most popular month for weddings in the 1950s and 1960s was March?

Sound strange? Well, the reason is even stranger, as it seems that a tax regulation offered an incentive for people to get hitched! Married men were able to claim the full married man’s tax allowance as long as they were married before the end of the tax year (around April 5th). They got roughly an extra £120, which is the equivalent of about £2,000 today. No wonder so many couples made the most of it before the law changed in 1968.


[i] Office for National Statistics. Visualisations. Marriages. Let’s get married. OK – when? Click here to visit the website. [Accessed June 2019]


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